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Our Client Services Applicant Service
  • We are professionals and understand your job requirements
  • understand your needs from the applicants. 
  • Job Specification and Advertising
  • Applicant Search & Selection
  • Progress Monitoring and follow up
  • Enviable Reputation for matching the "right" applicants to right vacancy.
  • Identifying what you want
  • CV advice

    - CV Hint and Tips

    Please find below some useful tips on how to prepare and present your CV (Curriculum Vitae).
    • We view CV's as an expression of a personality. It needs to be accurate and imaginative.
    • We receive lots of CV's, and at the initial stage first impressions count.
    • Poorly presented CV's, or those that go on too long will generally not be shortlisted.
    • Make the CV stand out for all the RIGHT reasons
    • Provide a cover letter, with details of the position you are applying for,  your current role, salary
    • and why your are interested in the position.

    - Preparing a CV

    When writing your CV, ensure you provide the reader with the following essential information;
    • Who you are  (name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, short profile)
    • Your education
    • Your training and qualifications achieved
    • Employment history (most recent first, to approx 10 years)
    • Interests
    • References

    It is helpful to explain your motivation and aspirations, that have driven your career choices,   
    highlighting those relevant to the job you are applying for.

    - Some Do's and Don'ts when preparing your CV

    1. Aim to impress, but do not let your imagination get carried away.
    2. Keep your CV to the point, on two (or three) sides of A4 maximum.
    3. Attention to detail! Avoid un-necessary jargon and additional graphics.
    4. Make it easy to read - ideally typed (on a computer), with a sensible layout
    5. Spell check it! Check its grammar.
    6. Any employment or educational history gaps, state the reason.  E.g. jobs abroad, un-employment
    7. Ask someone else to read it over for you
    8. Always attach a covering letter, stating your reasons for applying for the job.
    Sending Your CV to Privacy Note: By submitting your C.V. to Catering Professionals, your are authorizing ABC Catering Professionals to search on your behalf for appropriate employment opportunities. Your personal details/C.V. will be provided to our clients after seeking your approval for each possible role that we match you for.  Your personal details will only be used in the promotion of you as an applicant to clients of ABC Catering Professionals.
  • Profiling you to the Clients
  • Fill in your requests free of charge … more 
  • Fill in your requests free of charge … more 




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